Anchal Raghuvanshi is a junior at Reedy high school in Frisco, Texas. She discovered this passion one summer when she made a film for a friend’s birthday. Encountering a way to create art and stimulate emotions in the audience made her want to venture more into the field. Slowly she fell in love with the concept of being able to translate her emotions into creating and expressing things she is passionate about through the lenses of a camcorder. Anchal started by producing videos dedicated to people on special occasions and slowly worked her way up to composing advertisements for Timber Ridge Montessori, St. Phillips episcopal church, and Ingran Stones granite company and a paid project to a create a graduation film. The wonderful bilateral relationship between expressing her emotions on a blank canvas and making an impact on a viewer kindled an interest in her for this career path. 

Her mission on her ISM journey is to lighten the hearts of those who are in their darkest moments, inspire the uninspired, and bring positivity to those who will see her films.

To contact Anchal, email her at anchal@raghuvanshi.org.