Teresa Cameron is head of production at a commercial production company called Lucky 21. She started her journey into the film world in high school as a yearbook photographer. Though she did not particularly enjoy her time as a photographer, Ms. Cameron transitioned her developing skills in taking still photos to pursuing a kindled interest in film. She attended the film school at University of Texas Austin with a major in film, TV, and media with an interest in producing. Ms. Cameron used college as a way to grow up and develop into an adult, take film classes so that she can be in a protected environment to make mistakes, and meet other people who have the same aspirations as her to break into the film industry such as Robert Rodriguez and Richard Linklater. Outside the walls of her campus, she interned on the set of Channel 4 and USA Film festivals and worked at many places as a production assistant, a job that entails being in charge of organization aspects of the film production and being the go-to person that knows all the working parts of the film production.

Once she graduated, Ms. Cameron walked into the world of commercial production and landed at the company Lucky 21. At Lucky 21, she was able to experience so much more. One of her favorite aspects of the job is the fact that she has the privilege to meet people and go places she would not normally go and learn so much more about the subjects of the films she is helping produce. For example, Ms. Cameron was on the production team of commercials for Texas tourism. During the process of creating the commercial, she was able travel all over Texas and learn about the state she lives in. She also helped produce an advertisement for the Salvation Army. There she was able to meet different underprivileged communities and the LGBTQ community while producing the video and learned the essence of their values and culture, which was so fascinating for her. Out of her career, she has a passion for travelling and loves that her job encompasses both her passion for film and travelling.