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Anchal Raghuvanshi

is currently a third year advertising major at the University of Texas at Austin. She is minoring in Entrepreneurship and is in the Texas Media & Analytics and Texas Immersive Program. She started Anchal Productions back in 2016, collaborating with local businesses and doing small projects and ad campaigns. She slowly grew into doing larger, full fledged campaigns and embarking on bigger projects. 


Through her experience in both Texas Media & Analytics and Texas Immersive program, along with her interests in video production, she has found that her career aspirations exist in three main areas. She loves the freelance work she gets to do with local businesses, fine tuning their brand message and emulating that into a story through video and social media ads. She loves Texas Media & Analytics, drawing insights from numbers and data and creating an action-oriented plan through different media channels to reach certain objectives. She loves Texas Immersive, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and merging storytelling and technology in groundbreaking ways through virtual reality, augmented reality, and more. Whether that be commercial production, VR/AR experience designer, or media planning and buying at an advertising agency, her goal is simply to explore these areas and see what it has to offer.


To learn more about her, click on the link below to view her resume. 

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