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Storytelling is a skill I have been trying to perfect my whole life.



In 2018, I started                         where I collaborated with local businesses and created short-form content to tell their story. From a COVID-era Facebook live fashion show to an animated sequence defining cyberprivacy, I explored storytelling in many shapes and forms.

I continued my journey to The Daily Texan, an Austin based newspaper, to learn one of the purest forms of storytelling: video journalism. I learned to let the sources lead the story rather than a script or a preconceived idea. Having created promotional content for so long, this took a long time to grasp, but also helped me grow as a storyteller. 

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During my time at UT Austin, I was chosen for the Texas Media & Analytics program as part of my major, advertising. I conducted many mock multi-channel campaigns, learning how to leverage data from consumer touch points and see what conversations are being had about the brand. I even got to work with Disney Plus content through the Omnicom Media Group to further develop these skills. Knowing what messages to put out and where was an incredibly important skill to learn; it taught me how to tell a consistent story across all channels and curate a simple but powerful message.  

At the Texas Immersive program, I experimented with the bounds of storytelling with technology and innovation such as virtual reality and unconventional theater. Not only did I learn to deduce the "what" in the story at hand, I found all the possibilities of "how" that story could come to life.

Finally, I built a story for the hardest project yet: producing a digital, interactive storybook for children. Children's media is a tricky space, and to meet the standards of my client PBS Austin, it was especially tedious to walk the line between entertainment and education and understand what information is being received by children through many levels of testing and focus groups.

Whether it is a simple video, a physical interactive medium, or an augmented reality experience, I hope to explore many more ways to tell a story. 



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